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Women hold six good habits of star face

As long as it is a female, all want to have a beautiful face shiny skin forever, delicate, elastic. However, inadvertently, many women find themselves face early become dim and rough. What shall I do? Adjust your life habit, every day to do the following, you can play a fundamental role in skin, even, as the star face!

One day morning, drink 2 to 3 cups of Green Tea eat an orange
A woman must drink tea, and if there is no stomach problems, Green Tea and Oolong Tea best. Tea contains rich vitamin A former, it is absorbed by the body, can be quickly converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A synthesis of rhodopsin not only can, but also make the eyes in the dark light, see things more clearly, to protect and enhance vision. Moreover, Green Tea can not only eliminate the computer radiation hazards, but also is the most natural, most effective weight loss agent, no what more than tea can eliminate intestinal fat. If not used to drink Green Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea can also play against the computer radiation and regulate the function of the body.

Wash your face every day, two
Every time wash the rice, the first and second times Taomi Shui for cleansing purposes, can be whitening effect. The reason is the rice can be dissolved in water soluble fiber and minerals, will be left in the water wash rice, one of the vitamin B complex nutrition is very rich. Lack of vitamin B complex will produce a lot of skin problems such as wrinkles, aging, prevent skin allergy, nutrient absorption etc..

Three, do not be lazy Whitening Mask
The mask at attaining (1-2 times per week). Can choose the tearing type or cleaning type can be. At present the open shelf cosmetics shops are selling every kind of whitening mask, even by the antibacterial cotton, for self modulation formula is applied to the DlY mask, are an excellent choice. For example, drink the remaining milk or yogurt to do a simple DIY mask is very good (founder drink every day), its role is to be deposited in the face to eliminate dirt out, and make the skin as a "tight movement", and then coated with skin care products, so, the skin at night to get the most scientific repair.

Four, take a shower before drinking a cup of water
Take a shower before drinking a cup of water can promote skin The new supersedes the old., enables organizations to cells in the body fluid balance and get fully moisturize the skin.

Five, to ensure adequate sleep and a good mood
Keep good mood. One's spirits are flourishing. skin is good, the mood is bad to can have the opposite effect. Pay attention to rest, to ensure adequate sleep. Lack of sleep may cause black eye, the skin becomes dull.

Remember to turn off the computer, six units during the lunch break
For lunch like lying on the desk employees must remember to turn off the computer, not just turn off the screen. In fact, the keyboard is more severe than the screen radiation, only the screen can not be turned off to prevent radiation, and we are tummy sleeping, head directly into the keyboard is obviously a misunderstanding, hastened to correct such bad habits!

More than a few who can adhere to a month, the skin must be better than star!

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