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8 let you eat not fat attractive Food

For those who love to eat MM, in order to lose weight can only look at the Food cannot enjoy is very painful. Today we gave some recommendations to eat the fat will not let you eat the Food, easy use, stay away from obesity.
Deep sea fish
Fish with shallow water fish are not the same, in the deep sea fish because of the nature or something to eat, will produce a shallow water fish have no substance, this substance called the OMEGA -3 fatty acids, can reduce the absorption of fat
in our body, strengthen the fat burning rate.
Milk contains a lot of calcium, and calcium can promote blood circulation and fat burning, best can ensure that every day two cup of milk, a cup of morning and evening, not only can help to improve the quality of your sleep, but also let you all day in the constant consumption of fat.
Oat contains linoleic acid rich and rich diosgenin, you can lower your blood cholesterol and harmful substances, usually do not want to eat, or sooner or later, can use oatmeal instead of dinner Oh, rich nutrition is also very satiety. At the same time the oats can promote the detoxification of the body, let you easily have sexy waist, away from the big Belly.
The onion and garlic
The onion and garlic irritating foods, they have vasodilatory and hypotensive effect. And contribute to the enhancement of high density lipoprotein, cholesterol reducing formation, good effect reducing weight, usually the cooking can put oh.
No matter what tea can reduce blood fat and cholesterol, especially can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the body, adhere to drink three cups of tea every day, can make the number of fat in the blood decreased greatly Oh, causing you to lose weight.
The nut is one of the best snacks slimming industry, nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, can promote the The new supersedes the old., bring satiety and can reduce cholesterol, usually hungry, eat a few, almonds, peanuts, chestnuts are a good choice.
Apple is rich in malic acid and potassium, these two are the consumption of fat, promote your The new supersedes the old., the most important is that it can expel excess sodium in your body, if you insist on a day to eat three apples, so your body and health will not need to worry.
Orange Juice
Many people think that the juice will be fat, that is wrong, a lot of juice not only components can get fat to help lose weight, for example Orange Juice, contained in the Orange Juice phytosterol is a chemical substance, you can prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol within the intestinal tract. Of course, here Orange Juice is squeezed, not drinks containing sugar processing Material.

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