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About The KangerTech TOGO Mini Kit

Kangertech designed the TOGO Mini Kit for this niche group, thereby providing for a wonderful vaping experience in a small, compact, and uncomplicated package.

Housed and protected within the body of the Kangertech TOGO Mini is the 3.8ml Pyrex (borosilicate) glass e-juice reservoir. The use of glass as opposed to plastic was a calculated choice by Kanger's engineers, as it provides for a more pleasurable vape. Unlike plastic, which is highly susceptible to the acidity contained within e-juice, glass is entirely impervious to the acidic environment. The absence of erosion does not only prevent physical of tarnishing of the tank, but the lack of deteriorating plastic making contact with the liquid also provides for a markedly purer, cleaner, and truer flavor from your e-juices.

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