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About The KBOX 120W By KangerTech

The KBOX 120W By KangerTech utilizes its latest onboard chip-set with atomizer sensor technology at an astounding rate of 1000 times per second, improving temperature regulation accuracy and enhancing consistency of every puff. Furthermore, the improved temperature module supports fantastic performance with a wide range of common heating elements, including Nichrome (NiCr), for perfect pairing with today's top tanks. Under normal usage, the KBox 120W is capable of executing a multiple of tasks, adjusting to variable output banding on wattage,  voltage, and current battery capacity with 360kHz high speed synchronous DC-DC control mode. This results in full synergies across design, extending the life of batteries and coil builds for extended vape use throughout the day. Constructed out of superior Zinc Alloy in a classic svelte chassis combined with incredible operational versatility, the Kanger KBox 120W is the new standard for comprehensive output technology.

Official Authorized Link To Buy : http://www.kanger.info/kanger-kbox-mod-120w.html

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