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Allergies can affect sleep quality

Allergies can affect sleep quality

Allergy is a headache for a lot of people. The U.S. men's health magazine published a new study reminding us that poor sleep quality can also be caused by allergies.

The new research results showed that about 44% of allergy sufferers have different levels of sleep problems, such as difficulty sleeping, startling and dreaming. In actuality, many of the sleep problems above may be caused by breathing difficulty of allergy sufferers during sleep. Respiratory congestion, means the body get less oxygen , resulting in decline in quality of sleep. If during sleep, there is allergy source like dust and pollen, there will be greater impacts.

Researchers suggest, people who get allergic easily should keep their surroundings clean. First of all, the clothes should not be piled up on the bed. Pollen, dust, animal fur, and other allergens can attach to the clothes. It is best to look for a place to put the clothes every day. Don't throw them in the bed. Second, don't put the old books in the bed. Dirty old books might hide a lot of mold. Finally, keep the pillow in the freezer for some time. Pillow can shelter a lot of wastes and bacteria, among which a large amount of dust mites and other microbes may induce allergies. It is suggested to cover the pillow with plastic bags and put it into the freezer for about 12 hours every 1 ~ 2 weeks. Low temperature can kill dust mites and prevent microbial reproduction and regeneration.

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