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Gynecological diseases that affecte women

Primary amenorrhea
Causes of primary amenorrhea
(1) mental factors, such as tension, terror, fear, grief and other bad moods can all be likely to cause amenorrhea.
(2) Gynaecological disease such as congenital absence of the reproductive system( vagina, uterus, ovaries) or dysplasia, endometrial tuberculosis (also known as TB), confrontational ovarian syndrome and so on.
(3)Physical disorders
A man's body is like a machine, the body organs are like the parts. When a certain part is broken, the machine will not operate properly. Similarly, if one is affected with certain diseases, they are also likely to be the cause of primary amenorrhea. These diseases are commonly anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis, thyroid dysfunction, congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia, pituitary tumor, sex chromosome abnormalities and so on.

Menstruation irregularity
It is the common name of women's menstrual diseases and normally refers to the changes in menstrual cycle, color, quantity and quality including the advancing and postponing of menstruation, irregular cycle, overmuch or small menstrual quantity and amenorrhea, etc.

Causes of menstruation irregularity
The cause causes menstruation are various. Mental factors, overfatigue, changes in routine, changes in diet, environment changes, cold stimulation and hormones, etc can all lead to menstrual irregularities. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks the disease is closely associated with the kidney, liver and spleen. There is very likely to be malfunction or disorders in one of these three organs.

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